Best Wireless Bridges

The D-Link Xtreme N Duo Wireless Bridge/Access Point is designed for users looking to create a wireless network or to connect multiple wired devices to an existing wireless network. Xtreme N Duo is the latest addition to the award-winning Xtreme N product family. Duo means the DAP-1522 works with next generation dual band (2.4GHz or 5GHz)2 802.11n wireless devices as well as legacy 802.11g products.

best wifi extender 2017

best wifi range extender 2017

1) –Linksys WET610N Wireless-N Bridge:

Optimized for Video: The versatile Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band can make any wired Ethernet-equipped device a part of your wireless network. Its optimized for streaming video to reduce glitches. Its ideal for wirelessly sharing music, photos, movies, and other files around the home.
Wireless Compatibility: Since the Bridge is based on dual-band Wireless-N, it works with any device supporting Wi-Fi standards, and is compatible with Wireless-G, -A, and -B. Connect digital video recorders, set-top boxes or computers to your Wireless-N network. Convert your wired-Ethernet printer, scanner, camera, storage device, notebook, or desktop for wireless connectivity.

Windows, Ma, and Linux: The Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge works on any platform and under any operating system. Since theres no drivers to load, setup is a snap configure the network settings through your PCs web browser, then plug it into your device and go.

Simple Setup: To protect your data and privacy, all wireless transmissions can be encrypted with industrial-strength Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security. Wi-Fi Protected Setup helps make secure connections pushbutton simple.

2) –SMHEART LINK Wireless Bridge to iPhone:

SMHEART LINK communicates with a variety of fitness sensors to enable integration with the iPhone and iPod touch. SMHEART LINK collects fitness data from multiple devices and forwards it all to iTMPs iPhone applications. iRPM+ is a cardio fitness system and cycling computer that allows you to track any cardio exercise, anywhere. Upload your completed workouts to or to add key cardio training and cycling metrics to your training diary.

3) –Ethernet To Wireless Bridge Wl Wireless Network Device

The SX-500 serial server family allows sharing serial devices. The provided Serial Port Emulator software allows easy integration with existing PC applications. The SX-500 serial servers include enterprise-level security features including access control lists, complete protocol and application enable/disable control, read and write configuration passwords, and SNMP community name configuration.
The enclosure is made of rugged pre-plated galvanized steel with IP40 industrial-grade ratings. Side flange mounts allow for permanent installation on virtually any surface, or on a DIN rail using the optional DIN rail-mounting bracket. The unit can withstand electrostatic discharges as high as 15 kV at the serial connector.

4) –3Com 3CRWE675075-US 54Mbps Wireless Bridge:

Extend the functionality of your network with this universal Wi-Fi bridge. The bridge enables a laptop or PC user without built-in wireless capability to connect to a wireless LAN. When paired with a low-cost 3Com OfficeConnect Dual Speed Hub, up to 16 network devices PCs, printers, point-of-sale devices, and Internet appliances can be connected to a wireless LAN. Eliminating the need for Wi-Fi PC cards and adapters for each device creates a mixed wired and wireless network at a much lower cost while maintaining flexibility as network needs change.
The wireless LAN workgroup bridge supports all three IEEE 802.11 a, b, and g networking standards. This all-in-one support preserves existing equipment investments while supporting the latest higher-speed technologies. Mix and match radio bands to meet different coverage and bandwidth user needs within the same area. A one-time configuration at initial setup translates to a true plug-and-play experience. Once setup is complete, the bridge can be remotely managed using a standard Web browser or SNMP management tools. Auto network connect keeps wireless users connected to the network, even when roaming across IP subnets, with a choice of ad hoc or infrastructure connectivity mode.

5) –Cisco Aironet 1400 Series Wireless Bridge System (N-Type Connector) ( AIR-BR1410A-A-K9-N ):

The Cisco Aironet 1400 Series Wireless Bridge creates a new benchmark for wireless bridging by providing a high-performance and feature-rich solution for connecting multiple LANs in a metro area. Building a metropolitan area wireless infrastructure with the Cisco Aironet 1400 Series Wireless Bridge provides deployment personnel with a flexible, easy to use solution that meets the security requirements of wide area networking professionals.
Designed to be a cost-effective alternative to leased lines, it is engineered specifically for harsh outdoor environments. The Cisco Aironet 1400 Series Wireless Bridge is the premier high-speed, high-performance outdoor bridging solution for line-of-sight applications.A connectorized version provides professional installers with an N-Type connector that allows the deployment of the root nodes of point-to-multipoint networks with omni-directional or sector antennas, or of high-gain dish antennas for longer links.

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3 Types of Truck Cab Speakers Youll Need

OK so you don’t want to lose space inside your already restricted cab interior but if you want to enjoy some of the top bosses you are going to have to find a way.

You’ll need to hold on to the subwoofer cone sizes, the bigger the better of course but you can search out the subs that are smaller depths, say 4 inches or so, allowing them to be squeezed easily into smaller spaces, behind the seat for instance.


best subwoofer 2017 12 and 15 Inch

Now you might find it an advantage if your at this stage of thinking to build in or fix in a sub box having pushed the seat forward a little but even then it is more important to know what kind of speakers you are gonna need for that deep bass sound in your cab.

In order to create some high-quality acoustics for your truck, you are going to need to have a few different kinds of speakers installed in your cab. Unfortunately, there is no one speaker that can do it all by itself. To effectively cover the audio frequency range (and produce great sounds), you will need to acquire multiple speakers. These cab speakers are designed specifically for working in a portion of the frequency range. When placed together in the same truck sound system, you will get optimum sound reproduction and very rich sounding acoustics.


3 Types of Truck Cab Speakers You Need To Have:

1. General speaker. Sometimes called an all around speaker, it is made for the middle range of audio frequencies. This is the most commonly used type of speaker and can play most music at adequate levels. Nothing spectacular, but good enough for most people. But don’t stop there, to make your music really come alive, you can’t forget about the upper and lower parts of the audio frequency range.

2. Subwoofer speaker. If you want some passionate bass, you’ve got to get a subwoofer. This speaker focuses on low-frequency sounds and gives music the vibrancy that you are looking for. Be sure to match up your speaker box with the kind of bass you are trying to make. Some boxes are made to produce strong, deep bass, while others are manufactured for heavier, booming bass sounds.

3. Tweeter speaker. A tweeter is a speaker made for upper sound frequencies. It adds sharpness and clarity to any music you would listen to. Fortunately, it’s quite normal to find tweeters attached to woofer type speakers. But you may want to consider getting a separate tweeter because you can locate it in an ideal location in your truck cab.

To have a truck with an awesome sound system, you need to give proper attention to the entire audio range. You can’t just get by with the installed cab speakers that came with the truck. By using a combination of tweeters, subwoofers, and mid-range speakers, you should be able to make kick ass sounds.

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